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World Spa Soothing Sunburn Lotio

Soothing Sunburn Lotion

With all the fun at the beach you forgot to reapply the SPF lotion? Here is a quick and helpful way to soothe your tender skin. The peppermint oil (a natural coolant), witch hazel and baking soda...

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Hammam Spas | Spa Hotel Reviews – World Travel Magazine

With spa-goers seeking authenticity, tradition, and that magical spa experience that also offers true results, the Eastern European/Middle Eastern/North African hammam (hamam in Turkey) represents one of the hottest trends.…

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blue lagoon

Blue Lagoon – The Unique Experience

The famous geothermal spa in Iceland, Blue Lagoon’s ecosystem is unique in the world, in fact one of Mother Nature’s laboratories, connecting us with the forces of nature. Through nature…

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Cranberry Summer Drink

Cranberry – Grapefruit Sparkler

Cranberries, citrus, and pomegranates all harbor antioxidants such as vitamin C that will boost your immunity. Create sparklers using fresh, organic juices - look for ones without added sugar or…

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Natural Goodness of Ginger

Natural Goodness of Ginger

Revered in the Orient for its powerful healing qualities and its culinary uses, Ginger has been in use since ages. A perennial herb, ginger is a greenish yellow rhizome. The…

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