The Mauritius You’ve Missed: Journey Through The West Coast

by | Oct 27, 2023

Ever wondered what makes Mauritius' West Coast the ultimate paradise everyone's raving about? Dive in for an exclusive peek into its treasures and adventures!

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Why Mauritius’ West Coast is the Dream Destination You Didn’t Know You Needed. Bathed in the shimmering blues of the vast Indian Ocean, the paradise of Mauritius emerges as a gem of nature, culture, and history. While the entirety of this captivating island nation is sprinkled with wonders, it’s the west coast that sings a different siren song. One must decide: will you effortlessly synchronize with the island’s vibrant pulse, or would you rather the island’s vivacious energy lift and transform your spirit? Either way, it’s an exhilarating journey of self and sense.

Imagine, for a moment, standing at the brink of a coastal mountain, with the trade winds tousling your hair, the scent of the sea wrapping you in its embrace, and the horizon stretching endlessly. It’s here that the west coast of Mauritius unfurls its tapestry of experiences. From emerald-hued inland adventures to the golden sands and the deep azure of the sea, every facet of the west coast promises memories waiting to be etched into the annals of your travels.

The Luxurious Call of Mauritius: Nature and Adventure

Picture this: the sun sinking below the horizon, painting the heavens in hues of gold and crimson, while the silhouettes of palm trees stand testament to nature’s artistry. The west coast of Mauritius doesn’t just boast of nature—it’s where nature flourishes and dances in its most untamed form. Beaches like Flic en Flac, Tamarin, and Le Morne are canvases that depict tranquillity, beauty, and serenity.

Beyond the visual delights, the west coast of Mauritius is about the feel of the cool sand beneath your feet, the symphony of waves serenading your ears, and the laid-back rhythm of life that beckons you to unwind and embrace luxury. The west, with its amalgamation of nature’s grandeur and man-made opulence, is where the heart of luxury beats strong and resonant in Mauritius.

Horseback Adventures Along The Pristine Shores of Le Morne, Mauritius

Imagine adding a majestic creature to these sandy shores and tranquil waves – a horse. On the stunning beaches of Le Morne peninsula, this becomes a reality. Here, amidst the whisper of the waves and the chorus of coastal birds, you can embark on an equestrian journey like no other.

Picture this: As the last rays of the sun turn the ocean into a molten pool of gold, you mount a horse, its mane fluttering in the gentle breeze. Whether you choose a private, intimate experience or prefer the camaraderie of a group, there’s an option tailored just for you. Beginners need not worry. With basic lessons provided to novices and all necessary equipment like riding helmets, chaps, and boots readily available, safety and comfort are paramount.

Guided by seasoned experts, you can explore the beaches stretching from the iconic Le Morne Mountain to the expansive west coast lagoon. Each trot offers a new vista – perhaps a distant view of the Benitiers Island or the grand silhouette of the Le Morne peak.

But the pièce de résistance? As your journey culminates, instead of retreating, you urge your horse forward, deeper into the waves. The feeling is both surreal and exhilarating; a fusion of earth and water, as you and your horse splash joyously through the sea’s embrace. It’s not just horseback riding; it’s a communion with nature, a memory etched in the very fabric of your soul. Such is the magic of beach horseback riding on the west coast of Mauritius.

Aerial Adventures: Zip Lining Above Nature’s Palette in Mauritius

Ever dreamed of seeing the world from a bird’s perspective? In the west coast of Mauritius, that dream turns into reality, with thrilling ziplining adventures waiting to set your heart racing. Just as the cerulean waves kiss the golden shores, the verdant canopies of the island beckon adventure-seekers to explore from above.

At the renowned Casela Nature Parks, nestled in the heart of the Black River region, prepare to be astounded. Their zipline offerings are as varied as they are exhilarating. Opt for the adrenaline rush of the 400m zipline, or challenge yourself with the sequence of four ziplines, each offering a different view and sensation. As you zoom above, the wind in your hair and the panoramic beauty beneath, you might just forget to breathe for a moment. And for those seeking a blend of thrill and tranquillity, the Nepalese suspension bridge offers a walk in the skies, its wooden platforms suspended high, connecting you to nature in its rawest form.

Venture a little further to the Vallée Des Couleurs, where nature showcases its artistry with the stunning 23 coloured earth. As you zipline over this natural wonder, it’s like gliding over an artist’s palette, with every hue of the earth shimmering below. Add to that the sight of six majestic waterfalls cascading down, their misty sprays creating rainbows in the sunlight, and the experience becomes ethereal.

Trekking the trails of west coast Mauritius: From verdant valleys to rugged ridges

The west coast of Mauritius are not just about sun-kissed beaches and azure waters; they hold within them a world of rugged beauty, waiting to be explored. As the sun casts its golden glow over the dense forests and the cool breeze rustles through the leaves, hiking enthusiasts find their paradise in the Black River Gorges National Park.

Sprawling expansively, the park boasts a vast network of trails, each varying in intensity and length, catering to both the casual stroller and the hardcore trekker. From the shorter, mesmerizing paths like the Seven Cascades Short Loop, where nature’s music is composed of cascading waterfalls and chirping birds, to the more challenging Piton Mauritius Trail, which rewards hikers with panoramic vistas of the island, there’s a unique adventure awaiting every footstep.

If you’re in for a moderate hike, the Alexandra Falls Trail offers a walk and a journey through time as you navigate past ancient trees and witness water diving gracefully from high cliffs. The air here, infused with the scent of wildflowers and moist earth, invigorates the senses, making every trek a rejuvenating experience.

However, for those seeking to up the ante, the rugged cliffs of d’Albion beckon. Situated further up the west coast, this region offers challenging terrains and a brush with history, courtesy of its age-old lighthouse that stands as a sentinel overlooking the vast ocean.

And it’s not just hiking. The Black River Gorges also flings open its doors to rock climbing aficionados and those eager to pedal through its landscapes, offering bike touring options that wind through some of the park’s most scenic routes.

The Kite Surfing Paradise: Le Morne’s Shoreline

Le Morne, set against the backdrop of Mauritius’ picturesque landscapes, serves as a magnet for kite surfing enthusiasts. With the Indian Ocean unfurling its vast expanse, the region is more than just a scenic wonder; it’s the epitome of kite surfing adventure, inviting both novices and pros to revel in its aquatic treasures.

Its global reputation is hard-earned. Recognized as one of the premier kite surfing hubs on the island, Le Morne has also carved a niche for traditional surfers, making it a bustling hub of water sports. Whether you are a seasoned surfer with your own equipment or a beginner seeking rentals, Le Morne, alongside Tamarin, ensures every need is met, and every thrill-seeker is accommodated.

The south easterly trade winds are the architects behind the diverse surfing experiences that Le Morne offers. The spectrum ranges from serene flat waters, acting as a nurturing ground for beginners, to the formidable waves that challenge even the seasoned pros. The surrounding coral reefs sculpt mesmerizing flat water lagoons characterized by their shallow depths and translucent clarity. Yet, a short distance away, the waves begin their crescendo, offering impressive heights and challenges.

For kite surfers seeking specifics in Le Morne’s vast aquatic tapestry, there are distinct areas tailored for different experiences. The Le Morne Lagoon, often referred to as the Kite Lagoon, emerges as a sanctuary for beginners, its waters calm and forgiving. A little further, Le Morne Point offers a harmonious blend, perfect for those seeking both thrill and tranquillity. The daring ones might venture to One Eye, a spot where the waves, fierce and majestic, demand utmost skill and reverence. And then there’s Manawa, a realm where waves audaciously rise up to 3 meters, a challenge exclusively reserved for those who dare to conquer.

As the sun casts its golden hues on Mauritius’ west coast, the waters invite explorers to uncover another layer of its beauty. Just as Le Morne’s shores are a haven for kite surfers, the depths of its lagoons and beyond are a paradise for those seeking underwater marvels. Slipping on a snorkel, the tranquil lagoons come alive with vibrant marine life, each creature playing its part in the symphony of the sea. Beyond these shallows, the Indian Ocean deepens into realms of epic dive spots, with the iconic Crystal Rock standing as a beacon for those eager to immerse in the blue waters.

Stay in style when in Mauritius’ west coast

In the sun-kissed realm of Mauritius’ west coast, where waves whisper tales and skies paint dreams each dusk, accommodation choices are as splendid as the natural tapestry that envelopes them. Within this paradise, visitors are spoiled for choice, from eco-friendly lodges nestled amidst nature’s embrace to grand beachfront resorts that stand as testaments to luxury redefined.

For those seeking to harmonize with nature, envision an escape to an eco-lodge, set amidst heart-stopping vistas. Such lodges, with their “hippie chic” aesthetic, promise a unique blend of sustainability and style, allowing guests to drift into serenity, surrounded by breathtaking beauty.

However, if unabashed luxury is what your heart desires, the west coast of Mauritius holds the keys to palatial domains that redefine the essence of opulence. Take, for instance, the JW Marriott Mauritius Resort, a sanctum of sophistication. With its 172 sea-facing suites, each a realm unto itself, the resort combines elegance with personalized service, such as bespoke butler assistance. Gastronomy here is a grand affair, with five exceptional restaurants, helmed by specialty chefs who craft culinary masterpieces.

Not far off, the LUX Le Morne Resort beckons. It’s not just a luxury resort; it’s a dream woven into the very fabric of a tropical paradise. Its boutique style, combined with five pools, beach access, and three culinary havens, makes it a quintessential tropical getaway within an already paradisiacal island.

Then there’s the Maradiva Villas Resort & Spa, a haven of privacy and tranquillity. With 65 private pool villas overlooking the scenic Tamarin Bay, it offers an unparalleled level of seclusion. Set on a pristine white sandy beach, the resort exemplifies peace and privacy.

Dinarobin Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa is another jewel, presenting itself right where the waves kiss the shore. Each corner of this resort sings lullabies of relaxation and luxury. Similarly, the Sofitel Mauritius L’Imperial Resort & Spa stands proud, a symbol of beachfront grandeur complemented by a spa that promises rejuvenation of both body and spirit.

Bars, pubs and street food of Mauritius’s west coast

The west coast of Mauritius tantalizes not just the eyes but also the palate. Embarking on a food tour here promises a delightful exploration of an array of cuisines, each telling tales of the island’s diverse heritage. From the aromatic street food of Tamarin Bay and Flic en Flac to the authentic flavours of Chamarel, every bite is a journey into the heart of Mauritian culture.

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As you indulge, let the rhythmic melodies of local bars elevate the experience. Whether it’s the laid-back hippie vibes of Kenzi Bar, the lively ambience of Big Willy’s at Tamarin Bay, the evening musical sessions at Crazy Fish Bar, or the soulful strains at Roots Spirits, each place is a testament to the island’s harmonious blend of food and music. Amidst this culinary tapestry, find a place to relax, savour, and let the melodies of Mauritius serenade your senses and lingers long after the journey ends. ◼

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