A Secluded Wolgan Valley Retreat at Emirates Resort & Spa

After about a three-hour stunningly beautiful ride from Sydney, arriving to the Wolgan Valley is like stepping back in time… and a world away from the sights and sounds of the city. Bordered by two national parks, Wolgan Valley is a private conservation and wildlife reserve; creating a beautiful destination for that ultimate relaxation getaway your body and mind deserve on occasion. This area is sheltered from the rest of the world by the rugged landscape and forests, while the eucalyptus oil in the air gives the entire area a beautiful blue-green mist that many say can breath life back into your tired body, giving you a renewed sense of self. For me, a little time in this beautiful environment with air this fresh and clean sounded heavenly.

Take a moment to just listen to the sound of complete tranquility with nothing but nature’s very own playground as far as the eye can see. Meadows extend from the foot of the sandstone cliffs towering above; providing a wonderland to both the nature lover and the city folks simply looking for a way to reconnect with themselves and look for their very own Blue Mountain adventure. Of course, for those history buffs out there, the local Aboriginal people have more than a few stories to share when it comes to the colonial settlers who have been on their land for the past two hundred years.

From the refreshing waters of the Wolgan River cutting through the area to the quaint eateries and antique stores scattered throughout the Blue Mountain townships, this area means something different for everyone who visits. Personally, the vast beauty provides a unique connection to nature, and the ability to hike and practice yoga in an environment such as this is simply a surreal experience.

At the Eastern end of the Valley, we arrive to a private resort that provides the secluded luxuries that perfectly compliments the raw beauty of the Wolgan Valley area. Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa contains all of the modern amenities and services we desire, while also being an incredibly environmentally responsible destination that is actually built around a fully restored homestead and is nestled among its own private conservation and nature reserve. Who says you can’t enjoy communing with nature while enjoying all the pleasures that come with staying at a luxury resort?

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