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Patek Philippe

Art, in the luxury of time

From September 28 to October 13, Singapore gets front-row seats to Patek Philippe's meticulous world of watchmaking. Singapore plays host to the most luxurious timepiece display in Asia Marina Bay…

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Mahanakhon Bangkok SkyBar

Bangkok’s new dining is a tall order

Mentioning Mahanakhon automatically rings a bell, surprisingly, not because of the duty-free shops King Power is known for, but its startlingly splendid rooftop observation deck spread across three top floors.…

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REEFSUITES by Cruise Whitsundays

Sleeping amongst the cradle of corals in Australia

From the surface, everything looks the same: a bright blue mass with some shades of green, spread across a 2000- kilometre coastline that occupies a landmass bigger than the UK.…

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Pick and Cheese by The Cheese Bar - Kerb Seven Dials by Nic Crilly Hargrav

Britain’s new spin on cheese pairings

There are many purposes for conveyor belts: move large objects from one room to another, transport luggage back to their owners, and now, serve cheese. The British Cheese Revolution has…

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Sampling the future of humanity in Spain

Get ready for a 3 day Martian getaway

Every child has dreamed of it: to set off in a grand adventure clad in a sleek spacesuit, holding a helmet, climbing up the stairs of an edgy rocketship a…

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Scenic Eclipse - Observation Lounge

Sailing on a six star yacht to the real North

One of the northernmost maritime indulgence ever navigated Navigating into the Arctic and the Northern ice-filled coastline in luxury Scenic Eclipse - one of the northernmost maritime indulgence ever navigated…

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Murten festival

More mystery & history in Morat

Amble through the 800-year old medieval town of Murten (Morat), where eccentric cafes are encircled by a historic town wall. Go medieval in Murten with eccentric cafes, turrets and stone…

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The women are set to rule the screen in this movie

We show you how to experience ‘Downton Abbey’ in real life!

West End London possesses a star of its own, a film-worthy celebrity perched on Regent Street where equally lauded institutions, such as Hyde Park and Royal Academy, are just a…

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The Last Supper

World of Leonardo da Vinci, 500 years past

“Art is never finished, only abandoned,” Leonardo da Vinci once spoke, but when he abandoned his art, he made sure they were in their utmost supreme form. Exploring Milan, the…

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Aerial view of Nymphenburg Palace, Munich

Nymphenburg: the bold, the beautiful, the Bavarian

Long necks of blue waterways gilded with trees march towards the expansive courtyard of the Nymphenburg Palace. Luxury residence amongst Bavaria’s finest architecture, garden and palaces The rest house for…

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