A Wellness Makeover at Peninsula Hotels

The Peninsula Hotels around the world are launching Peninsula Wellness, a refreshed and reinvigorated spa, wellness, healthy dining and lifestyle programme. Spa treatments are on the menu in several luxury hotels around the world but Peninsula takes it to a whole new level. The highlights of Peninsula Hotels includes Exclusive Sleep Ceremony, Signature Royal Thai Massage, Sattva and Back to Basic.

The 120-minute Peninsula Sleep Ceremony is designed to aid relaxation for stressed travellers. The ceremony begins with a personal consultation followed by an aromatic bath with ESPA’s Soothing Bath Oil, guided breathing and meditation techniques to release physical and emotional anxiety, a hot stone body massage, and finally a soothing facial and scalp massage. The Signature Royal Thai Massage, as the name suggests, is the traditional Thai massage derived from Thai medicine that invigorates the entire body and mind. Sattva by Simply Peninsula combines Ayurveda with ancient massage techniques to preserve the energies in your body.

There is nothing better than Back to Basic by Naturally Peninsula which focuses on both wellness and nutrition. There is always something profound about a range of quality food and its healing ability on the body and mind.

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