Abu Dhabi hosts World Luxury Expo 2013

The third series of the World Luxury Expo will be hosted in the Emirates Palace from September 27th through the 29th. Don’t worry, this isn’t a one time gig. The committee projects that Abu Dhabi will be hosting the Expo annually.

The World Luxury Expo series has been gaining momentum and traction among many of the world’s leading luxury brands. The event also showcases a selection of the world’s leading luxury brands. “Who attends?”, you maybe asking. Well this event an exclusive invite-only event for high-net worth private clientele from across the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) region.

Abu Dhabi is a perfect location to host such a high-profile event primarily because the luxury industry is booming there, becoming extremely lucrative. According to Knight Frank’s Wealth Report 2013, the number of high net worth individuals in the UAE, having a fortune of US$30 million, is set rise by 53 per cent over the next decade.

Breaking Travel News reported that the event will feature a broad selection of carefully selected categories including fine art, high-end jewelry and fashion, hand-crafted time pieces, designer furniture and exquisite table settings, automobiles, fine dining, private aviation, and luxury travel.

World Luxury Expo definitely seems like the hot-spot event for the luxury travel industry. We can’t wait to hear reviews and updates!

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