Anantaras Kings Cup Elephant Tournament 2016

This Time It’s Bangkok

For ele-awesome fun and frolick mark the dates in your journals, March 10th- 13th when Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas holds the exceptionally famous philanthropic event – The King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament.
Presently in its fourteenth year, the competition has gotten to be one of the greatest charitable occasions in Southeast Asia. Just about US$1 million has been raised and given to tasks that better the lives of Thailand’s wild and trained elephants which become an integral part of our science in the feilds of research and medicine. Also will this amount be used for their proper medical care and wellbeing.
The event will have 10 groups enveloping more than 40 players, including Thai VIPs, proficient stallion polo players, New Zealand All Blacks rugby players and Thailand’s celebrated transgender group Miss Tiffany. A sum of 18 elephants will be offered a reprieve from their work in traveler trekking camps in Pattaya or purchased from unemployment in Surin to participate in the celebration, amid which they are given abundantly required fooding, vital vitamin supplements, full veterinary check-up etc.
The King’s Cup timetable is intended to give these trekking elephants rest and unwinding on a scale never managed in their “typical” lives and guarantee elephant rest time with interaction and nourishment these elephants, wild or domesticated, never get in their every day lives.
The four day celebration will have something for everybody including a great Opening Parade, Children’s Educational Day, Ladies Day known as the ‘Bangkok Ascot’ and an extensive variety of exciting elephant activities for the guests.
Anantara has long been connected with elephant protection endeavors with the coming in of The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, which has performed more than 40 salvages of elephants off the roads of Thailand in addition to organising the immensely successful Elephant Parade in Bangkok where 88 elephant statues were enriched and crafted by artists celebrities from around the world to respect Thailand’s HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej on his 88th birthday.

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