Anguilla: The Perfect Caribbean Tranquil Escape

A place best to go and disappear and home to movie stars, long dogs, and expat Englishmen, Anguilla is so private and so exclusive that it can rejuvenate you to the extreme. The sparkling azure waters of the Caribbean Sea and secluded stretches of pristine white sand beaches set the tone for the peaceful, carefree vibe found on Anguilla which is home to some of the world’s best beaches, luxury resorts, hotels and villas, and a rich cultural heritage. As far as the Caribbean goes, Anguilla, the British West Indian Island just north of St. Martin, has been very fortunate; it managed to duck the brutal batch of hurricanes last autumn. Shaped like an eel, from which it derives its name (anguille in French) is one of the leading destinations of choice for discerning travellers.

Anguilla boasts around 100 restaurants, ranging from roadside barbeque shacks and beach cafés to fine international dining in luxurious settings. While many people visit Anguilla for singles vacations or couples retreats, the island is also the perfect place to go for a family vacation. The island’s main lure is the over 35 magnificent soft, dazzling white sand beaches and turquoise waters where you can escape in quiet seclusion.

Although shopping is somewhat limited, if you must bring back a memento of your charter Caribbean, there are some local handicrafts unique to Anguilla. For a special souvenir, the beautifully-designed postage stamps are very collectable.

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