Bangkok By Kaitlyn

At first glance Bangkok’s hectic traffic and endless markets can make it seem a bit overwhelming, but after stepping foot in this fabulous city you will easily fall in love with it. The Thai culture is reflective of Thailand’s nickname, the “land of smiles.” The country’s friendly people and natural beauty made it one of my favorite cities I’ve visited in Asia thus far. If you’re only in Bangkok for a short amount of time, visiting the night markets, trying the street food (you’re sure to find one every half block), riding in a tuk-tuk, and visiting the Grand Palace in the Old City are all “musts” if you want a real taste of what Bangkok has to offer. Oh, and if you have a day to spare be sure to take a day trip to the ancient city of Ayutthaya, which is filled with historic temples, palaces, and floating markets. Trust me, it is definitely worth the trip.

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