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Aug-Sept 2014

Editor’s Note

I find myself free, when I’m on a beach. It doesn’t matter if it’s the manicured patch of white in Nusa Dua, Bali or the three meter wide sand cluster…

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Destination wedding

While destination weddings might once have elicited visions of overstuffed cruise lines or bland all-inclusive resorts, that hardly is the case today. With the increasing demand for a wedding that…

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A Roman Holiday

Discover and enjoy Rome in all its glory. To truly experience the people, culture, sites and sounds of Rome, you need to visit this eternal city again and again: Rome…

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Luxury 50

World Travel Magazine provides you with the trendiest set of the luxury hotels as options for your next anchor point in these destinations. The Luxury 50 hotels ensure style, luxury,…

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Epic Family Holiday

If you have a preference for adventure and need to accumulate some serious sightseeing in South America, taking a 46 day overland tour through five countries from Rio de Janeiro,…

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