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I find myself free, when I’m on a beach. It doesn’t matter if it’s the manicured patch of white in Nusa Dua, Bali or the three meter wide sand cluster in East Coast Park of Singapore. It’s the joy of staring at the endless sea, under the backdrop of gorgeous stars, listening to the waves in their endless dance, with of course a cocktail by the side.

This pleasurable pastime took an upturn last week when I came across an app in the iTunes store called ‘Star Chart’. This app allowed me to decode constellations, peer into the endless maze of stars with information at my fingertips that would have made Galileo hop with envy. It is the app that the Vatican would have banned had it appeared in the 15th century! This educational astrological app identifies the horizon and goes onto draw constellations on the blimp of stars, providing endless fun. It was these heavenly bodies that our forefathers mastered and harnessed to venture into unchartered waters, we have now been relegated to use Google Maps! They travelled vast distances with a compass in one hand and a steady gaze on the stars above, not bothered about destination hotels, river view room bookings, concierge service, Michelle star gourmet food, airport security, in room dining or 24 hour butler service.

Fortunately for us, we have apps and access to information to make a better informed decision on where to anchor ourselves for a weekend away and relax and unwind. We now don’t need the stars to point to the dream destinations ad luxurious resorts where we need to head to. We just need our annual Luxury 50 section of the World Spa & Travel Magazine. This annual section covers our editorial choice of new properties in amazing locations worldwide with excellence in design and service.

With the increasing demand for a wedding that is out of this world, destination weddings have become a treasured experience for lovers. World Spa & Travel Magazine, in association with, presents a rounded up of some of the most effortlessly glamorous and unexpected destinations yet.

We take you on a trip to discover and enjoy Rome in all its glory. To truly experience the people, culture, sights and sounds of Rome, you need to visit this eternal city again and again. Moving from one continent to another, we go on an overland adventure through 5 countries in 46 days in South America, not the usual family vacation. What a way to travel!


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