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Rocky Mountaineer running along the Fraser Valley

Exploring Western Canada by luxury train

The Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury rail service running on four routes in western Canada. Journeying on the train is a comfortable way of seeing the region’s landscapes and wildlife.…

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The elegant cabin of Venice Simplon Orient Express

Leisurely pursuits on the finest trains & cruises

Back when air travel was still uncommon even for the wealthy, travellers used to go around in style via trains and ships. Luxury Travel At Its Finest Back when air…

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Royal Express interior of the train

Exploring Japan and its landscapes by rail

The thrill is here - beyond exchanges and generations. The call to move by rail and see the world. Experience the pleasure of a harmonious journey to something new yet…

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Crystal Esprit cruising along Mahé

Leisurely persuits on the finest trains & cruises

The latest amongst the million reasons to visit Abu Dhabi - the Persian Gulf branch of the legendary Louvre opens Best Lux Trains & Cruises Back when air travel was…

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All aboard Japan’s luxury trains

Experience the beauty of the Japanese landscape with a one-of-a-kind luxury train voyage, thanks to the East Japan Rail Company’s Train Suite Shiki- Shima. Japan Experience the beauty of the…

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Journey of a lifetime with Maharajas’ Express

Christine Lee speaks to Sunil Tarneja, General Manager Maharajas’ Express about the experience and luxury on-board this train. India Christine Lee speaks to Sunil Tarneja, General Manager Maharajas’ Express about…

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Train Travels 2015

A journey on the Belmond Royal Scotsman is regarded as one of the world’s great travel experiences. Encounter Scotland’s ever-changing landscapes of sweeping glens, towering peaks and mirror-calm lochs as…

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