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Royal Express interior of the train

Exploring Japan and its Landscapes by Rail

The thrill is here - beyond exchanges and generations. The call to move by rail and see the world. Experience the pleasure of a harmonious journey to something new yet…

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Crystal Esprit cruising along Mahé

Leisurely Persuits on the finest Trains & Cruises

Back when air travel was still uncommon even for the wealthy, travellers used to go around in style via trains and ships. Best Lux Trains & Cruises Back when air…

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All aboard Japan’s luxury trains

Experience the beauty of the Japanese landscape with a one-of-a-kind luxury train voyage, thanks to the East Japan Rail Company’s Train Suite Shiki- Shima. Despite the country’s small size, there…

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Journey of a Lifetime with Maharajas’ Express

Christine Lee speaks to Sunil Tarneja, General Manager Maharajas’ Express about the experience and luxury on-board this train. 02a Rajah club 02b PS- Twin bedroom 02c PS- living room 4…

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Train Travels 2015

A journey on the Belmond Royal Scotsman is regarded as one of the world’s great travel experiences. Encounter Scotland’s ever-changing landscapes of sweeping glens, towering peaks and mirror-calm lochs as…

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