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Landscape with reflections of the mountains on the lake named Pagong Tso, photo by Chris Piason

Destinations To Watch 2020

The map of the world is sprinkled with well-known cities in prominent serifs, usually hiding away equally glorious lands that enchant with their remarkable wonders. From far-flung dream landscapes to…

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Aerial view of the pamunda island, Zanzibar, by TRAVELGRAM2019

Retreats For Romance

The best kinds of holidays involve some amount of intrigue, whether it’s a fantastical sight you’ve never witnessed, an exotic flavour you haven’t tried, or an experience so foreign and…

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Glamorous Wellness Retreat with Private Pool near Ubud in Rural Bali

Luxury in the wilderness

Most would agree that the best parts of travel are the unexpected surprises that meet us where we never thought we’d find ourselves. Camping does go elegantly in Asia when…

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Scenic Eclipse - Observation Lounge

Sailing on a six star yacht to the real North

One of the northernmost maritime indulgence ever navigated Navigating into the Arctic and the Northern ice-filled coastline in luxury Scenic Eclipse - one of the northernmost maritime indulgence ever navigated…

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Paddle boat in Hawaii, Hawaii Tourism Authority - Heather Goodman

6 ideas that will inspire your next family holiday!

Santo inspired the likes of James A. Michener, who based his Pulitzer Prize winning novel, ‘Tales of the South Pacific’ on his observations whilst based here in WWII. Quirky and…

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An aerial view of the lush Nukutepipi

Exceptional new resorts with the perfect island setting

What’s better than an island escape? One that no-one else has yet heard of. We round up eight of the best new openings on different islands around the world for…

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The Mediterranean and Maldives are just some of the destinations for Simpson Marine's charters

Sail the seven seas in a luxurious yacht from Simpson Charters

You know how the old saying goes: the journey sometimes its own reward. While most would undoubtedly include places like the Maldives, the Mediterranean and the South Pole on their…

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The Boeing 787 getting ready for its flight from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam

Etihad completes the world’s first commercial flight using sustainable, plant-based fuel

Etihad Airways has just made the world’s first commercial flight using locally produced sustainable fuel made out of saltwater plants Etihad’s positive steps to reduce its carbon footprint Etihad Airways…

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The Crystal Serenity in Antarctica

Cruising the Crystal seas

The Crystal Serenity - one of the ships from Crystal Cruises, 4-time winner of the Best Luxury Cruise Line award and ultra-luxe around-the-world voyage operator - has emerged from Ultra…

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Iceberg floats in Andord Bay on Graham Land by jo Crebbin

Everything you need to begin planning your luxury cruise

The evolution within the cruise industry has been amazing. We see our favourite cruise lines continue to improve and find more ways to develop eco-friendly ships while always improving the…

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