China’s doughnut-shaped hotel is one of the wackiest designs ever!

You can just never accuse China for being boring! This country always comes up with something unique and crazy.

In keeping with its status as a rising global superpower, China is showing off its new wealth with an increasing number of landmark buildings.

But this could be the most incredible yet. The 27-storey Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, looms over the skyline of Huzhou, near Shanghai, in the shape of a massive glowing dounut.

Set on the shores of Lake Taihu and offering 321 spacious guest rooms, including 44 suites and 39 villas, it’s an ideal destination for China’s newly affluent business class. Sheraton Huzhou Hot Springs Resort, the property is just more than 100 meters high and 116 meters wide, covering an area of 75 acres with a total floor area of 95,000 square meters.

Designed by much-hyped Beijing-based architect Ma Yansong of MAD architects, the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Springs Resort is made up of “layers” of floors to create a ring that rises from the south bank of Huzhou’s Taihu Lake. The lobby features a wave-like series of lights made up of 20,000 Swarovski crystals. The floor is paved with Afghan white jade and Brazilian tiger’s eye stone.

The property really stands out at night, thanks to an LED light system on the exterior skin that displays animated textures and patterns, all of it reflected on the water’s surface.

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