Couples Traveling Solo

Anna Sui, a researcher currently based out of Chiang Mai in Thailand has just returned from a vacation in Vietnam. Kim Ong, a Cambodian based antique dealer, recounts his recent break to Sarawak, on the island of Borneo, saying he had the best time of his life. Rohin Arora, an entrepreneur from India, is still recovering from the time he had in Masai Mara, Africa. What is common to all three travelers is that they embarked on an elaborately planned so lo trip, leaving their significant others behind. No, they are not having problems in their marriage and nor are they wanting time to be “away from each other”. Rather, they are part of a growing tribe of “evolved couples” who appreciate the fact that they have different travel tastes and are completely okay with their partners indulging in themselves every once in a while, so long as they do not insist on taking their better half along.

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