Destination Weddings

Wedding venues are no longer limited to the old familiar chapels of your hometown. Opt instead for a wedding on the beach of an exotic island, in a beautiful ancient castle in Europe or right in the heart of a bustling city.

To the old-fashioned, destination weddings may sound like a fancier term for eloping, but any modern-day couple would know better. Through the years, the idea of having a destination wedding has shed its old stigma, with more people recognising the whimsical honeymoon mood it injects into old traditional ceremonies.That’s why it has become increasingly popular across the globe; who wouldn’t enjoy a romantic wedding by the beach or in an old renaissance castle nestled in an exotic country, rich in history and culture? Exchanging your vows away from home reaps the benefits of both a dream wedding and a romantic holiday all in one fell swoop. That means you and your guests are virtually untouched by the worries of work back home – something your guests would probably appreciate as well

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