Dinner in the Sky: Look Down at Montreal

Bored of having dinner on the stationary ground? Dinner in the Sky, the “ultimate patio”, is exactly what it sounds like: a full, gourmet dinner served 50 metres above Old Montreal.

Who would have thought that a 120 tonne platform and a simple crane would be able to create such a unique atmosphere, making your guests feel like monarchy? The idea behind Dinner in the Sky is to surprise guests by lifting them to a level equivalent of a 15th floor and then feed them an unbelievable meal. Guests share exhilarating moments, as much in terms of heights as in terms of flavours.

With their ability to rotate 180 degrees, the 22 places of Dinner in the Sky’s three platforms also offer central heating and heated seats and blankets for cold seasons. Moreover, not only does Dinner in the Sky stick to the highest safety and security standards, but they can also adjust to your preferences in terms of cuisine, moment, season or type of event. This is always true, wherever you decide to ultimately “dine in the sky”. Of course, if you have no idea of the place where you want your event to take place, Dinner in the Sky will be pleased to help and suggest you many beautiful locations.

Enjoy the upper-atmosphere ambiance and pretend you’re totally not scared at all.


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