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As we move from summer and prepare for winter, the months of September and October can be considered as bookmarks for researching and planning for the next vacation. Let the autumn leaves turn from green to gold and enjoy the late siestas on the, still warm, Saturday afternoons. Wind the time down with a long hot tea on a Sunday morning with your favourite travel magazine – The World Travel Magazine. You can travel place to place with this magazine. We take you on a trip to Munich, the capital of the German state of Bavaria. Art galleries, clock towers, shops, churches, restaurants and hotels hold one end of the Munich rope.

The other end is safely anchored by huge, beautiful and lively beer taverns and BMW’s! Hop off Munich and head to the beautiful, colorful, vibrant, friendly and on the edge of the pacific rim – the Philippines. We take you on a ride through Cebu, the oldest city in the country, discovering beaches and much more, a wild contrast to the German city.

In our classic city travel, we find our way back to Europe, and into Prague. Framed by the hills in the Czech basin, Prague reveals its treasures like an open book on the banks of the Vltava river. Long ago in Bohemia, says the legend, a princess dreamed of a large city ‘whose fame would touch the stars’ and which would rise by the river, on the spot where a man was hewing the threshold of his home (‘prah’). So a town named Praha (or Prague) was born.

Asia, from all viewpoints, is hot. Asia has hot weather, hot food, hot women and hot locations. World Travel Magazine covers twelve of Asia’s hot destinations in a crisp fashion and give you, the holiday planner, a shortcut guide to the best, luxurious and comfortable hotel destinations in these cities. We open a new chapter in our Spa Files and focus on Spas in Thailand. Discover eight of the best spas in Thailand that will give you the most memorable treatments, perfect retreats and glorious rejuvenation. We inspire you to embrace the club culture with some of the most amazing rooftop bars in the world.

So cuddle up, take the sips from your warm tea and be inspired by the new and beautiful world of luxury travel with World Travel Magazine.

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