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Summer is here in full force, we find ourselves right in the middle of heat waves, scorching afternoons and at the mercy of our air conditioners. The kids are off from school and while teachers make merry, we find ourselves – the tired parents, entertaining the young ones raking the brain to come up with creative activities and avenues that will expedite in burning most of the kids energy.

One possible and advisable way to engage the kids would be to embark on a family holiday. This would prove to be different from the routine and be entertaining and memorable for the whole family. One may drive off for a weekend to a nearby getaway spot but this provides only a temporary relief. The idea of being close to home sometimes doesn’t really feel like a vacation and kids get that. It doesn’t provide fulfillment to the idea of going out on a great distinctive family vacation. Eventual downside of a weekend break is that kids start asking for another one fairly shortly after returning. Take a week off, explore a corner of the planet and make memories!

Our travel desk covers three unique destinations in this issue, the rustic and enchanting Morocco, beautiful Canary Islands and the hot Greek Islands. We rough it up a bit and explore the wild side as well. Say hello to African Safari this summer. Get the kids excited about exploring the bush, riding jeeps and chasing gazelles in the open plains or simply holding one’s breathing while stalking the mighty lion in the middle of the night. The worlds you are looking for are famed, celebrated and outstanding memories! Another first for World Travel Magazine, we are pleased to announce our Luxury 50 list! We cover the hottest luxury hotels that pamper and seduce in style! In addition, we feature 25 wedding destinations that will wow your guest list. From castles with fairly tale setting to sandy beaches with ocean waves and pipe music that create the flawless ambience, we cover 25 of the hottest destinations for the dreamy wedding.

Happy Holidays!

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