Enriching Journeys


Banyan Tree has on offer some amazing locations that you can explore with their “Off the Beaten Path” experience. You can take a pick from among four dream destinations in Tibet, Thailand, South Korea or Mexico. Rich civilizations and ancient histories are waiting to be explored here. Whether it’s surveying the rugged landscape at a staggering height of 2,300 meters in Tibet or discovering the Zen within you with the Tibetan monks, you will not know what the experience is like unless you take the plunge. If tropical beaches and kayaking is your thing then stop over at Phuket and relish the amazing food and the unique local customs. Or indulge yourself in the land of ancient Mayans in Mexico. You could also witness scenic beauty and modern culture co-exist as you travel through South Korea.

No matter what you desire to explore, Banyan Tree’s luxurious hospitality never leaves you unattended. After all, adventure does not mean roughing it out.

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