Enterprise’s Takeover makes traveling easier

Enterprise is growing its franchise all the way to Czech Republic and Poland. The car rental company’s expansion will make it possible to improve their customer experience when traveling to and from these European destinations. The franchise partner in Poland has been HT Centrum Group, one of Poland’s most well-respected car companies. In the Czech Republic, Enterprise has partnered with Czechocar Ltd, who has established itself as a leader in the Czech car rental market. The companies were strategically chosen in order expand Enterprise’s devotion to customer service & operational excellence.

Enterprise’s expansion strategy is aimed to better our lives as travelers, by making commuting around a foreign country easier and more convenient. According to Enterprise representatives, these partnerships will provide greater choice and mobility to customers across all major airport and city locations in these two European markets. These agreements consolidate the company’s footprint in Central and Eastern Europe, further increasing access for customers.

We look forward to hearing reviews in the future. Any thoughts on this merger?

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