London Scene – Camden

It was definitely a while ago, but there was a time I thought I could dance! Endless nights, weekdays and weekends, London always has something going on and the locals always find the regular spots.

Locals And Tourists At Camden Lock

This is Camden, during the day, saturated with market stalls and shops for the more adventurous. Turning right from the Underground Station, you are heading to Camden Lock Market.

It is big, spreading liberally over both sides of the main street into the intersecting Canal system. The stalls cover all manner of goods but, personally, the huge number of food stalls is a big attraction for me. The provided seating, with Canal view, is just a great bonus!

Bums On Seats

With an influx of locals, Camden comes alive during the evening. There’s plenty to keep you distracted from Bars and Clubs to Comedy and Music.

My personal favourite is The Jazz Cafe. A live Jazz, Soul, Funk, World, Dance and Hip Hop venue, complete with restaurant. The atmosphere has tangibly cool vibes and, if you go there with a mind to eat – all the tables over look the stage area, all your senses will be sated.

Though this spot is definitely London oriented, I have just returned from a 2 week live aboard diving trip with 18 world class underwater photographers in the Red Sea. Expect colorful fish next week!

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