Luxury Villas

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With the brand new year opening up doors to new locations, cities and countries all over the world, you ought to fill up your 2014 travel diary with a list of new vacation plans that will lure you to explore life all over again in a brand new manner. World Travel Magazine presents to you the best of luxury villas located at some of the finest resorts in the world. Luxury villas are perfect for planning intimate holidays with families, friends, couples and even larger groups of people. Discover the charm and authentic culture of an exclusive city by reveling in a lavish atmosphere throughout your journey. Check out these fifteen luxury villas and get ready to experience an unparalleled sense of style, exquisite facilities, breathtaking ambience and hospitality. Escaping to a faraway land will now be rewarding because these luxury villas will bring travelers closer to a vibrant experience of a truly deluxe accommodation.

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