4 Reasons we love Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has been busy embellishing the city to welcome visitors for World Cup 2014 and Summer Olympics 2016. On a clear day you can see miles and miles of sea, beaches, mountains and city landmarks on top of Corcovado Hill or Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf). Rio has two important landmarks, Christ the Redeemer and the the Sugar Loaf. A trip to a Rio’s shantytown or favela will bring you to the other side of Rio.

Havaianas flip-flops and sexy beachwear is all you need when heading to the many beaches in Rio. For some, Rio is the best place to try out the hot Brazilian bikinis. Hands down, Rio has the best churrasco or barbecue meat. There is a churrascaria for every budget. For those keen on bringing home local music from Brazil, Bossa Nova and Companhia is the biggest music store with selections of samba, bossa, sertanejo and choro music CDs and even LPs for purchase.

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