Sienna By Sai Prateek

My name is Sai Prateek Narayan I am currently spending the rest of the year travelling across Europe; studying the various kinds of architecture European countries have to offer. I am primarily based in Florence for the month of June, after which I will head to The Netherlands and France, with many more places in the coming months. Today, we took a day trip to Sienna. Sienna is one of Italy’s most visited cities, known for its art, churches and the Palio horse races held twice a year. Upon visiting the city, we realized that it was built on a hill, and as we traveled from Florence by train, we arrived at the bottom of the city. It took a while to get to the top, but with the help of a few functioning escalators, we were brought up to witness a spectacular view of the Italian landscape. Some of the churches worth visiting are Santa Maria En Portico and the Duomo of Sienna. The former is a church that appears to have been plugged into the urban fabric, thereby filling up a void that would normally be empty. The latter, the Duomo of Sienna was a sight to behold. There was an enormous surprise in realizing that it was meant to be twice it’s current size, but was unable to be done as it would have been larger than St. Peter’s in Rome. In short, Sienna is a terrific place to go to for the historical, cultural and social entertainment. A word of caution though: maybe going in the middle of June would not be a great idea, due to it’s unrelenting heat!

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