Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide


Destination spas. So you have heard of them, and in recent years, it seems like more and more spa and wellness enthusiasts are conversing about it. Besides being the location’s ‘attraction’,destination spas and resort spas are quickly becoming the epicenter of top-notch wellness programs.As the busy city life takes its toll on our time and health, spending time to take care of our mind and body is becoming a lifestyle choice that we all are striving to achieve. But how many of us can actually dispense appropriate amount of time and effort to this every week or month? For most of us, spending that bit of time proves to be difficult.Enter wellness retreats. From beach resorts to city hotels, these are ‘healthy’ versions of temporary lodgings. For those who have difficulty implementing a wellness lifestyle on their own, these retreats prove to be effective and empowering. By submerging yourself in an environment that eats, lives and breathes health and wellness, it is impossible not to be inspired.With all the options available on spa resorts, destination spas and wellness retreats, you are likely to be overwhelmed with choices. In this Spa & Wellness special, we share with you some of the best destination spas, resort spas and wellness retreats around the world.

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