The 100 List 2013

There is a certain ‘wow’ factor about a place, a rare vibe one gets, that makes a vacation spot so unique and outstanding that it stands out in our memory among all the holiday spots and hotels we have ever visited. The diversity of these unique locations comes from French Polynesia, Italy, Chile, French West Indies, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland and Mexico. The Swiss & French Alps, the Himalayas and the Rocky Mountains feature in our outstanding mountain retreats. The concept of a private island, conjures up ideas of luxury, privacy, exclusive, remote and privileged. While seeped in history, with medieval art and cultural artefacts proudly on display, the heritage resorts give a glimpse of how rajas, emperors and dukes used to live.Not forgetting the beaches, there are an amazing number of good beaches to choose from globally and there are an even larger number of resorts that fringe them.

The World Travel also takes you on a tour of cities, modern and ancient, to discover luxury in your own neighborhood. You can now associate words such as grandeur, extravagance and self-indulgence when thinking of trekking, safari and wildlife excursions. A visit to a luxury spa while on a vacation, in our books, counts as a double vacation. We can confidently reveal the secret to a successful vacation – spend the first and last day of the vacation in a luxury spa and get pampered to the hilt. Among the hundreds of amazing resorts and destination hotels, World Travel present to you our pick of the best destination hotel & resorts of Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa & Middle East, North and South Americas.

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