The Adventurous Beach – Playa de las Catedrales

Playa de las Catedrales literally means ‘beach of the cathedrals’, officially called ‘Praia de Augas Santas’, it is a beach in the north-west of Spain, in the region of Galicia. It is world famous for its rock formations, best seen when the tide is low.

Walking 300 meter, you will encounter narrow grottos alternating with magnificent expansive seascapes. As you explore the improbable forms naturally sculpted into rock, you will get the feel of the smooth sensation of water gliding beneath your feet. You can swim in the waters of the Cantabrian Sea and checkout the neighboring beaches if time allows it.

This unique Spanish beach is located in the radius of ten kilometers west from the town of Ribadeo, nestled in the province of Lugo (Galicia) right on the Cantabric Sea coast. Its waters are colder than you would expect, but your courage to dip in will be well rewarded. But you need to make sure you visit the place during low tides.

The best month to visit the beaches is August, especially early mornings are cherry on top of the cake. Get beach of the Cathedral in your bucket list and book a ticket for your next holiday.

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