The Divergent Forld of Galapagos Island

Ecuador’s most beloved and popular national park lies in splendid isolation about 960 kilometers off the mainland. Made famous by Charles Darwin, the Galapagos Islands are no less enthralling now than they were a hundred years ago. Every year, thousands of curious visitors journey to the remote islands to behold the wondrously variegated wildlife that inspired The Origin of Species. Giant  Galapagos tortoises meander in distant highlands, and prehistoric marine iguanas enjoy the sun on black lava rocks along the seashore. The cormorants and cute tiny penguins swim through the crystal blue waters while the beautiful red-billed tropicbird screech across the bright sunny sky.

With Galapagos cruises you get to explore the stunning island and its rich ecosystem as you pass the sea lions, scout for breaching whales offshores and the classic pink flamingos hidden behind the lagoons. This island will give you a different perspective of the world, definitely better. Plan your next vacation in Galapagos and Equador and we assure the trip to be worth a revisit.

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