The Masked Charm of Italy

Wearing vivid feathered head-dresses, flowing capes and most importantly bejeweled masks, they enjoy a giant masquerade party that spills onto the streets and into the canals. With men and women dressed as brightly-colored court jesters, kabuki princesses, and glittering animals the carnival looks like a painting of seen from an elevated height.

Carnevale is a masked extravaganza event and the most important date of Venice’s calendar and happens forty days before Easter, every year.  It is actually your chance to spend 12 days looking like the Phantom of the Opera. The world’s best-known fancy-dress party, it’s as extravagant as Rio’s Carnavalis riotous, celebrating the approach of spring with zeal. The festival begins on the Friday afternoon with La Festa delle Marie, a big procession through the entire city. Saturday and Sunday are given over to musical and theatrical performances in Piazza San Marco and other locations.

Every day several of masked contestants come down the runway of the Gran Teatro which is a temporary outdoor theater in the city, hoping to make the grand final.

The Carnevale is the life of Venice, many travelers visit this place especially to attend the event.

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