Travel to the Edge of Space in Style

A luxury experience from launch to landing with the same ease as traveling via commercial airline, Voyagers will board a stylish, fully pressurized space capsule for a gentle ascent to 20 miles above Earth. The capsule will be transported by a high-altitude balloon, which expands gradually until reaching its peak altitude for a view unlike any other. Once there, passengers will marvel at Earth in all its glory, seeing the world in a way that only astronauts have – suspended against the backdrop of a vast, black and infinite universe.

Floating gracefully atop 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere for approximately two hours, Voyagers will sip cocktails and share the experience in real-time with loved ones thanks to in-flight Internet access. The vehicle will then gently glide back to the earth below, leaving Voyagers with the story of a lifetime.

The Voyager experience can be reserved with a $5,000 deposit today toward the total ticket cost of $75,000. Reservations can be made by contacting the World View team at 

Voyagers will enjoy exclusive benefits leading up to World View’s debut flight in 2016:

•Get Insider Access. Become part of an inner circle that is privy to exclusive information and be among the first to receive updates and photos from test flights. 

•Meet the Team. Get to know the brains behind this unique experience by participating in exclusive webinars, briefings, and Q&As with the World View executive team. 

•See The Progress. Witness each step first hand by attending milestone events leading up to World View’s launch such as test flights, the unveiling of the capsule and more. 

•Bragging Rights Start Now. Show off your reservation with a commemorative ticket display that can be hung on your wall at home or placed on your desk at the office. 

World View is a transformative space travel experience launching in late 2016 – one that will have you floating more than 100,000 feet above the atmosphere, gently ascending under a high-altitude balloon and floating gracefully to the edge of space. Watch the World View Experience here. For more information, visit

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