Tunisia is attracting traffic

Directline Holidays, an online travel agent, reported a 16% increase in bookings last week compared to last year. CEO Maria Whiteman spoke to the various precautions that travelers take when booking trips. White man explains,”in the case of Tunisia, the coastal resorts remain safe and are unaffected by the events in the capital Tunis and near the Algerian border which have been widely reported over recent days.” White further explains the important role that tourism plays in the daily lives of Tunisian locals. Many travelers’ concerns, however, revolve on whether or not the are is safe to travel in. Whiteman attributes the surge of bookings to the holiday season that is fast approaching. The holiday season is always full of great all-inclusive values and, as Whiteman says, “the resilience of UK holidaymakers determined to enjoy their summer.” With the help of her team and the advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, travelers will be able to make the most informed decisions when booking their travels. Safe travels, everyone!

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