Giant’s Causeway, Ireland: The unusual formation

At the first glance you’ll understand why the ancients believed the causeway was not a natural feature of earth. The huge expanse of regular, closely packed, hexagonal stone columns dipped gently beneath the soft tides looks like a handwork of a giant. This amazing rock formation is a national nature reserve and Northern Island’s one and only UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an impressive and atmospheric landscape feature that is often swamped by around 750,000 visitors each year. 

We suggest you to visit this place during off season to get the most out of this place. For photographers, sunset in spring and autumn is the perfect time.Visiting the Giant’s Causeway itself is free of cost; you just need to pay for car parking and get the impressive new Giant’s Causeway Visitor Experience. This beautiful ecofriendly visitor centre, built into the hillside and walled in tall black basalt slabs that mimic the basalt columns of the Causeway, houses an exhibition explaining the geology of the area. There is also a tourist information desk for visitors round the globe.

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