World’s First Sand Hotel

Imagine waking up under the blue on a bed carved by nature,open the window on the door and listen to the waves crashing throughout the night.

The world’s first sand castle hotel at weymouth beach in the seaside town of dorset in the UK is total worth a visit. The structure has been created by a hotel company to celebrate a resurgence of holidaymakers flocking to the seaside. One can book to stay in this unique hotel for £10 a night, which includes beds completely made out of sand, until the rain washes it away!


It took almost 1000 tonnes of sand and a team of four sculptors working 14 hours a day with the help of a JCB, for 7 days to build the sand hotel on Weymouth beach. The sand hotel offers a twin and double bedroom. But, according to the firm, that created the sand hotel, the unique roofless structure will also give guests the chance to “star-gaze” at night.

Sand sculptor Mark Anderson said: “It’s Britain’s largest ever sand castle – 15 metres square, four metres high and weighs about 1,000 tonnes.

“We had a team of six people and a digger working 12 to 14 hours a day for eight days, altogether about 600 hours.”

Want to book a room in this unique hotel? Well, the firm warns that there is no toilet facilities! So, be prepared to adjust with the situation.


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