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Pictures are the best way to share your travel experience with others.

Tips to Take Better Travel

Pictures are the best way to share your travel experience with others. There are times when we travel to a beautiful place and don’t know how to get those perfect ‘cover-photo’ kind of pictures.

Well, we are here to help you. These tips will assist you to get the best shots ever!

1.Early in the morning and late in the afternoon, never goes wrong!

Click pictures between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the sun is overhead and the light is flat. Shooting in early morning and late afternoon will add more color and shadows to your photos, giving more definition to the subject.

2.Move in close to your subject for impact (too far back and your photo can be too busy). Get close, and then get closer! Fill the frame with your subject and you have a rich picture.

3.Not every photo makes a great one at eyelevel. Don’t be afraid to get as low to the ground or climb up to get a better vantage point, these will not just differentiate your pictures but give a drama effect.

4.Wait Wait Wait! 

In order to get clear picture wait for the clouds to clear, the truck to move away from the front of the cathedral or other distractions to pass. Impatience can end up photo bombing your pictures.

5.Fill flash even in outdoors, to “fill-in” shadows.

“Sometimes you don’t have the option of waiting for the right light. The fill flash will light up a person’s face and remove shadows when the sun is overhead.”– Laurie D. Borman, editorial director, Rand McNally

6.Details and distractions deserve attention-

Make sure there is no distracting element in the back of the photo or behind the heads of your subjects. Frequently, a telephone pole or tree is sticking up behind your subject. Move around until there are fewer distractions in the background.

7.Click local people too- Ask permission first and try not to pose them for that natural shot. Put people in your photos to give a sense of size and scale. “Learn the phrase for ‘Smile, please’ in the language of the place where you are traveling, and smile before, during and after you click the shutter.” — Maxine Cass, freelance travel photographer

8.Don’t avoid the authenticity of the place. If in the tropics, frame the photo with palm trees; if in the mountains, frame it with pine trees.

9.Shoot as many pictures as you can– After all, you can reuse the digital space!

10.Different angles may give a master shot- Try different vantage points and with different lens and at different exposures. Take an overall wide shot, a medium range shot and a close up detail shot. Check your photos on site to make sure you have your shot.

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