5 Must go Beaches in Pernambuco

Pernambuco is the home of some of Brazil’s most stunning beaches. This state, nestled in the northeast of the country is a gem. Pernambuco is exotic and remote, providing the ultimate escape from reality. We have picked 5 hot beaches from here-

1. Porto de Galinhas

Chosen nine times by specialised literature as the best beach in Brazil, Porto de Galinhas is for many the undisputed champion. Located on the South Coast, 70 km from Recife, this beach has become a favourite for foreigners and locals due to its perfect combination of natural beauties and high-quality tourism infrastructure. There is a large choice of hotels and resorts in the area, where it is possible to get rooms and bungalows. 


2. Itamaracá

Sole beach of the North Coast to make it into our list, the Island of Itamaracá has something more than warm water and white sand to offer visitors: it has history. In the “Praia do Forte”, the most famous beach on the island, you can see the “Forte Orange”, a fortress built by the Dutch when they invaded and occupied Pernambuco in the 17th century.


3. Carneiros

Our fourth top beach is known for being more reserved and rustic. People don’t go to Carneiros looking for fancy resorts or lively nightlife – so theaccomodation options are more laid back too. Instead, this tropical refuge is treasured for its calm and clear sea, natural pools formed by reefs, river estuaries and coconut trees shooting out of the white sand. A sort well-kept secret of the locals, if you would.


4. Maracaípe

Maracaípe is close to Porto de Galinhas (both in our list and in its geographical location), but has a very different feel and public. It is today the top destination in Pernambuco for water sports, such as surfing, windsurfing, kayaking and many more, hosting a number of championships. But don’t worry if you are not a pro: there are a number of booths and shacks on the beach which are actually surf schools that can help you to face the waves.


5.Baía do Sancho

Fernando de Noronha as a whole is an unforgettable destination. But if we had to pick one beach which would make you have second thoughts about returning to civilisation, that would be Baía do Sancho.


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