7 Places You Should Visit Before They Vanish

by | Nov 23, 2014

According to studies by NASA, the frozen continent of Antarctica is thawing.

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 According to studies by NASA, the frozen continent of Antarctica is thawing. While it may take some time until it “melts” away, efforts are being put to minimize the environmental impact of tourism. Cruise ships carrying more than 500 passengers are no more allowed to sail the straits.   Visit while it’s still there to see incredible wildlife, immense ice shelves, and stunning mountain ranges.

2. MT. KILIMANJARO, Tanzania

Few spots in the world are as picturesque as the volcanic mountain of Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest peak that is beloved by trekkers and hikers. According to National Academy of Sciences says those snows are likely to be gone in 20 years, stating that 85 percent of the ice cap has already disappeared during the last century.



 Set high in the Himalayas, the unique culture of Tibet has been disintegrating since the country came under Chinese control in the year of 1950. The Chinese government also stops permits for tourism from time to time; depending on current policy it may already be too late to visit. But if you make it to visit at the right time, you’ll never regret it.

4. Great Barrier Reef

It’s so enormous that it can be seen from space, but the Great Barrier Reef is disappearing at an increased rate because of the adverse effect of climate change. Rising ocean temperatures, water pollution, ocean acidification and cyclones continually pummel the reef and have caused mass coral bleaching. What took 8,000 years for nature to create could disappear within our lifetimes.


5. Patagonia

A land of untouched beauty, South America’s Patagonia could possibly be dramatically altered by climate change. Many of its glaciers are steadfastly retreating due to rising temperatures and declining precipitation. While this land won’t disappear entirely, its landscape may soon be altered beyond recognition if global warming persists.


6. Alaskan tundra

Global warming heats up the Arctic twice as fast as the rest of the world, that means, Alaska’s beautiful northern tundra could vanish completely if temperatures continue to rise. As the tundra’s permafrost melts, it not only drastically alters the ecosystem but also releases additional carbon — ironically hastening global warming.


7. The Alps

The European Alps sit at a lower altitude than the Rocky Mountains, and their glaciers and ski resorts are more susceptible to the adverse effects of global warming. The famed glaciers are predicted to disappear by 2050.

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