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by | Feb 11, 2018

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles & One&Only Le Saint Géran Mauritius

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With the mere mention of this profoundly diverse continent, the visuals that immediately spring to mind are thrilling wildlife safaris in national parks and delightfully observing elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, and many other animals that coexist in its vast plains. Although largely overshadowed by its land counterpart, the waters of East Africa are just as remarkable, if not even more breathtaking.

The archipelago of Seychelles, made up of 115 islands, is a perfect example. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean 1,500 kilometres off the coast of mainland East Africa, Seychelles’ beaches are arrestingly beautiful. Desroches Island, a sand and palm tree- encrusted isle in the Outer Islands of Seychelles is set to attract the connoisseurs of high life with the opening of Four Seasons Resort Seychelles this March. The property’s suites, villas, and beachfront bungalows are equipped with the latest technology for optimal comfort combined with a rustic chic interior, matching the beat of island living.

Four Seasons Seychelles’ beach

Four Seasons Seychelles’ beach

Guests can enjoy a romantic dining experience at The Lighthouse, a replica of the original lighthouse whose structural remains can be found on the other side of the island at Helene point, or allow themselves to be fascinated by the water adventures amongst the coral reefs that surround this Poseidon’s playground. The Desroches Drop, a world-famous diving destination, is a favourite among divers who can explore no less than 14 classified sites that range from caves, canyons, secret passages, and amazing reef walls. The Seychelles is also known for its shipwrecks. You can even spot and interact with a couple of hawksbill sea turtles, an endangered species, coming onshore.

One & Only Le Saint Geran La Pointe Pool at dusk

One & Only Le Saint Geran La Pointe Pool at dusk

About 1,700 kilometres south of Seychelles is the island nation of Mauritius. This volcanic island came into existence as a result of Earth’s fury millions of years ago, and it is now amongst one of the preferred tropical getaways in the Indian Ocean. The recently refurbished One&Only Le Saint Géran resort in Poste de Flacq, along the northeastern shore of Mauritius, welcomes guests to its elegant rooms and suites. Because it has its own private peninsula and lagoon, the resort provides one of the most private and peaceful island paradise experiences.

Its comprehensive redesign highlighted the resort’s already incredible facilities – muted hues of warm white marble, teak, and greys abound, as well as more spaces to admire the radiant views of the coastline. A new lounge and pool was introduced, as well as private residences for guests. Uninhabited islands and islets that are used as natural reserves for endangered species are only boat rides away for an extraordinary adventure. Giant tortoises, dolphins, and whales sometimes appear to the public. Don’t be surprised by the large variety of birds that can be seen in the skies of Mauritius – the island has saved more bird species from extinction than any other place on Earth.

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