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Oetker Collection's Masterpiece Estates portfolio

Oetker Collection's Masterpiece Estates portfolio

Luxury hoteliers Oetker Collection have a wealth of experience managing ultra-luxe hotels worldwide, but they recognise that travellers sometimes desire a stay with more personality – without compromising on the luxury.

That’s why they’ve launched their Masterpiece Estates portfolio, something best likened to an ultra-exclusive Airbnb – albeit offering homes that boast cigar rooms and whiskey cellars.

Glen Affric boasts 10000 acres of lush greenery and overlooks a loch

The Masterpiece Estates features a handpicked selection of only the echelon of private estates from around the world. Glen Affric is a graceful Victorian hunting lodge surrounded by 10,000 acres of lush game, greenery and sport, and overlooks a tranquil loch, while the aristocratic Farleigh Wallop House – owned by the same family since the 15th century, offers more refined activities, such as billiards and leisurely walks through its pristine rose garden.

Meanwhile, the ten-bedroom Hound Lodge offers canine-lovers a special treat: formerly a kennel for the estate’s foxhounds, it has now become a dog-friendly mansion for you and your best friend to retreat to.

The Hound Lodge is petfriendly so bring your four legged friends along

Hound Lodge, Goodwood

The brand’s portfolio only has the three estates at present – a testament to the stringent selection processes that homes must undergo – but they are a fine representation of what Oetker Collection hopes to achieve with their latest venture. ◼

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