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Argentina, the perfect conclusion to my South American Journey by Eric Poulin

My 4-week trip to South America would conclude with 4 days in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

South America

My 4-week trip to South America would conclude with 4 days in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Known for its European architecture and rich culture, there’s a world of exploration to be had here. I was staying at a hostel right on Avenida 9 de Julio, the widest street in the world, which was a good place to start from. After many small towns and adventures, and 2 weeks of straight snowboarding, I was very excited to stroll around a huge city in flip flops and a t-shirt, and bask in relaxation, food and drink, and of course the good company of other travellers. If you find yourself with a few days to kill in Buenos Aires, be sure to observe some of the following:

1) Bike tour – Heading on a bike tour is definitely a nice way to see Buenos Aires if you don’t have much time. You’ll cover lots of ground, and the tour guides are really knowledgeable.

2) The Obelisk of Buenos Aires – built in 1936, standing 67.5m high, this is a pretty awesome landmark to see, and it lies right on Avenida 9 de Julio, which is a sight in itself.

3) La Recoleta Cemetery – this is a massive above-ground cemetery for the rich and famous in the Recoleta district of Buenos Aires. The graves are for many rich and famous Argentines, and are very elaborate. Afterwards, head to the Palermo district, and eat at one of the many awesome restaurants there.

The above-mentioned activities were all staples for my trip that I had heard about before I arrived. But what I hadn’t anticipated was some of the awesome nightlife I would find in town. An Irish friend I met in my hostel brought me to La Bomba de Tiempo, an awesome live drumming show held only on Monday nights. It’s a 2 hour ordeal with about 10-12 drummers all in a line and a conductor orchestrating a wild, improvised concert. Definitely the highlight of my time in Buenos Aires. After 4 wild days and nights, I was ready to catch my long flight back to life and reality in Whistler. Writing these posts about my trip has got me itching to plan my next excursion south already!

Puente de la Mujer (Woman’s Bridge), in the Puerto Madero district. It represents a man and woman in tango.

2) The Obelisk of Buenos Aires, as it lies on Avenido 9 de Julio

3) The bike tour was a great way to see some of the city and learn some history from the guide

4) Lots of great statues, monuments and architecture to observe in Buenos Aires

5) Argentine flag

6) The Recoleta cemetery

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