Asian Hotspots

Asia has been known for its exotic, rich culture and traditions rooted deep in along and ancient history. It is little wonder that Bangkok topped the list of most visited cities in the world or that Bali and Goa rank highly in the minds of the well travelled. These cities expertly combine luxury holiday within the tapestry of their heritage to offer a unique, refreshing and remarkable experience to the traveller.

One would expect nothing less in luxurious travel standards from rich metros such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai for instance. Nepal is undoubtedly brimming with heritage and culture. Known for its pristine beaches, rich flora and fauna, beautiful Portuguese influenced architecture and easy going lifestyle, Goa has become a haven for travellers. Bali is one of the most culture rich spots in Asia.Many have come to this island as tourists and have instantly become life long residents. Incredibly well known for its white, sandy beaches, perfect diving conditions and picturesque sunsets, Maldives is a hot spot through and through.

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