Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts invite guests to its new Hot Spring retreat in China

Offering the guests the opportunity to tap into the power of natural hot springs in a stunning location in southwest China, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts invites guests on a journey to a healthier mind, body and soul fueled by the healing power of water in its recently launched hot-spring resort, Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei.

The resort has created an innovative wellness experience where guests can relax in restorative waters, famed for soothing skin and muscular ailments. Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei embraces the natural healing waters of the renowned North Hot Springs, nestled at the foot of Jinyun Mountain natural reserve in the enchanting Beibei district of Chongqing. At a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, the water contains superior mineral contents such as calcium sulphate, magnesium and potassium. After soaking in the hot spring water for ten to fifteen minutes, guests can indulge in a therapeutic spa treatment at Banyan Tree Spa, during which the body can best absorb the beneficial spring’s mineral contents alongside nourishing massage oils.

Today, hot springs have become an increasingly popular way to relax, restore and heal for locals and visitors alike, the water is believed to offer medical benefits, including the alleviation of aches and pains, as well as relieving arthritis, chronic skin conditions, diabetes and digestive difficulties; whilst improving circulation and providing an overall calming effect. There have been more than 3,000 hot springs discovered in China, many of which have been popular since Imperial times, when royalty and locals first took note of their powerful effects and health benefits.

Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei offers guests the opportunity to tap into this unique and ancient healing practice, situated at the foot of stunning Jinyun Mountain Natural Reserve, featuring an array of unique accommodation options with 48 Hot Spring Retreats and 59 Hot Spring Villas each of which come with a private hot spring pool fed by the North Hot Springs. The resort offers guests luxurious contemporary living in a dramatic mountain setting, exuding warm Asian hospitality and fringed by lush hills, bubbling streams and nature’s bounty. In addition, the resort has five dining options, an indoor pool, as well as a gym and yoga studio for guests to enjoy. A true sanctuary for the senses, guests have ample opportunities to experience tranquility at this awe-inspiring mountain retreat which make it a must to be experienced.

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