Bridging Centuries of Luxury: Mandarin Oriental Savoy’s Grand Return to Zurich

by | Oct 3, 2023

Where Zurich's storied past meets modern opulence: Dive into the grand revival of the Mandarin Oriental Savoy, a luxury boutique hotel redefined.

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ZURICH — As winter’s embrace tightens around Zurich in 2023, a beacon of opulence will re-emerge at Paradeplatz. The Mandarin Oriental Savoy, an emblematic edifice, is poised to redefine the intersection of time-honoured elegance and contemporary sophistication.

Every corner of the hotel whispers tales of yesteryears, yet with a modern twist. Intricate silk designs, handcrafted by artisans, adorn the walls, setting the stage for an immersive stay. With a limited ensemble of 44 rooms and 36 suites, exclusivity is the watchword. This intimate setting ensures guests aren’t just visitors; they’re valued patrons.

While each room is a testament to luxury, select accommodations offer a bit more: private outdoor spaces, whether balconies or terraces, allowing guests to soak in Zurich’s ambience. And for those seeking unparalleled grandeur, the expansive four-bedroom suite is akin to a palatial residence, right in the heart of the city.

Mandarin Oriental Savoy – A Timeless Grandiosity in Zurich

The Mandarin Oriental Savoy isn’t a newcomer to Zurich’s illustrious landscape. Its foundations, laid by Johannes Baur in 1838, marked the dawn of grand hoteliering in the city. Today, its strategic locale places guests at the nexus of luxury, history, and nature, with elite boutiques, ancient alleys, and the serene Lake Zurich promenade all within a leisurely stroll.


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Zurich’s culinary tapestry is rich, and the Mandarin Oriental Savoy is set to add its own vibrant threads. ORSINI, with its Italian gourmet offerings, is helmed by the acclaimed Chef Antonio Guida, known for his Michelin-starred exploits in Milan.

For those whose tastes lean towards the Parisian, the Savoy Brasserie & Bar promises to be a delightful sojourn. From dawn till dusk, it serves an array of dishes, punctuated by artisanal cocktails. And as the sun dips, the 1838 rooftop bar beckons, offering both panoramic vistas and an excellent selection of beverages to match.

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As the Mandarin Oriental Savoy prepares to fling open its doors, it’s not merely about luxury—it’s about an experience that marries the past’s charm with today’s finesse. As 2023 unfolds, this establishment is set to etch its mark as Zurich’s sanctuary of luxury, where epochs collide in harmonious splendour. ◼

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