Category: May – June 2015

Editor’s Note

During a Thursday afternoon in early January of 2002, on a whimsical notion, I decided to pack a small bag and fly out to Davos, Switzerland from London. After suffering…

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Sailing Yachts

The ClubSwan event brought all the excitement and glamour from their worldwide events to Virgin Gorda, BVI during the intimate Rolex Swan Cup Costa Smeralda. With an impressive collaboration of…

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Bhutan, The Hidden Kingdom

As the plane veers through a gap in the mountains, minutes before landing, a hidden valley spreads at your feet, framed by pristine forests and snow-capped peaks. At the heart…

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Ireland Golf Adventure

International travellers continue to find the lure of the Emerald Isle irresistible, especially when it comes to the opportunity to enjoy championship golf, savor world-class cuisine and learn more about…

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Geneva from the water with St. Pierre Cathedral towering above

Geneva: A Timeless Watch Buying Experience

It’s impossible to discuss the luxury watch industry without immediately having Geneva monopolize the conversation, along with examples of the exquisite Swiss craftsmanship. Switzerland has always been (and will always…

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The 'Bourg' district and the Cathedral St. Nicholas de Fribourg

Explore Switzerland: The Grand Tour of Switzerland

The Grand Tour of Switzerland celebrates all things Swiss as the road journey takes precedence over destination. Totalling 1000 miles through four language regions, scenic Alpine passes, UNESCO World Heritage…

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Lake Geneva with Dents du Midi and the steamer 'Italie'

A Taste of Geneva Region

Foodies have plenty to get their teeth into in Switzerland’s Lake Geneva Region. Picturesque and mountainous, the area encompasses the affluent lakeside cities of Geneva, Lausanne and Montreaux and has…

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Lugano in Ticino, situated on Lake Lugano. View from Monte Bre down onto the lake

Switzerland: Exploring The Urban Highground

The mountains and lakes of Switzerland have long drawn travellers to this surprisingly diverse, multilingual nation with 26 administrative cantons. Swiss urban settlements have much to offer visitors. In addition…

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Shopping in Zurich's Old Town

Zurich Shopping Experiences

Shopping along Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, which many refer to as the most expensive street in the world, is a shopper’s paradise. Equally as desirable are the many designer boutiques that lie…

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100 List 2015

Few things can beat the gentle breeze and whiff of cool air that brushes your face as you sit on a resort atop a mountain or a boat ride that…

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