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The phenomenal Bay of Fundy is one of the world’s most dramatic coastlines with tides rising as much as 53 vertical feet over a 12-hour period twice each day, and Cape Enrage offers one of the most spectacular views of the natural phenomenon from its towering cliffs.

Costa Rica

The phenomenal Bay of Fundy is one of the world’s most dramatic coastlines with tides rising as much as 53 vertical feet over a 12-hour period twice each day, and Cape Enrage offers one of the most spectacular views of the natural phenomenon from its towering cliffs. It’s an astonishing sight that should be on everyone’s bucket list, but Cape Enrage steps it up extreme bucket list style by adding the adventure aspect. Rock climbing, rappelling, and ziplining can all be done over this breathtaking coastline and at one location. Cape Enrage, Ziplining View We started the day with rappelling and I’d forgotten how comfortable I was in uncomfortable situations. Standing on the platform with my feet wide and my legs straight, I prepared myself to step off. I was about to rappel 148 feet to the ground and as much as my mind was telling me not to look down, I wanted the added fear of seeing just how far I could fall. I had to do it. I looked. For several seconds, I soaked in the intensity. It’s never that I’m not afraid to do something; it’s that I revel in the fear. Looking added to the fear. It delayed my movements, yet added to the adventure at the same time. Rappelling at Cape Enrage Once over the edge, my nervousness calmed and I thought about how to get it back. I reached another ledge and swung my feet up on the line. Continuing the final 40 feet upside down increased my adrenaline. Rappelling at Cape Enrage, NB Rappelling at Cape Enrage, NB The climb back to the rappel included roughly 150 steep stairs, but I had just rappelled down a cliff. I could have run up the stairs with all of the adrenaline pumping through my body. Steps at Cape Enrage, NB Each of my rappels was similar but I added an additional element of adventure to every decent. Taking larger leaps, hanging out on the edge, swinging, and spinning upside down kept me excited about every second of the adventure. Rappelling at Cape Enrage, NB I would have been beaming for a week after such an eventful, exciting experience but without even missing a beat, we were geared up for ziplining and the Cape Enrage thrills continued for a full day of adventure. Darren and I climbed the steps to the zip three times to experience the thrill of zipping over The Bay of Fundy. The views, the adventure, the equipment, and the company all came together to make the experience remarkable. Cape Enrage, NB It’s rare for Darren and I to be able to participate in an adventure at the same time. With a 16 month old daughter, we are grateful that she’s willing to travel regularly and explore the world, but usually one of us stays with her while the other completes an adventure; then we switch. Since we’re in New Brunswick, though, Darren’s parents and sisters are more than willing to hang out with Athena while we fulfill our bucket list dreams together. Actually, Athena and Darren’s family joined us at Cape Enrage. The grounds are beautiful and fit for the entire family. So while they played in the grass below, eating lunch, exploring the property, and taking in the scenery, we zipped over their heads on the line. It was the best of both worlds. I had adventure at my finger tips and I knew my daughter was safe below. Zipline Cape Enrage, NB There were highly trained employees on both platforms who encouraged us and made sure we were safe. They checked and re-checked our gear, radioed to each other when ready, and only opened the gate when it was completely safe to begin the journey across. I was impressed with how sociable and friendly the employees were during the entire day. Everyone on site acted like this was our 50th time there. It was easy to see how much they all loved their jobs; what’s not to love after-all? I mean, they get to help people make their adventure dreams come true every day. Zipline at Cape Enrage, NB The process was safer and better equipped than any of my other ziplining experiences. We were inside a gated area while being hooked to and taken off of the line and there were stools on each end to help us get attached more easily. The gear was treated like gold and the employees respected each other and the guests. Zipline at Cape Enrage, NB With a braking system, I didn’t even need to use my hands. I just let go, opened my arms, and flew like a bird. It was exhilarating. Zipline, Cape Enrage, NB Even though we’d done the longest zip in the world when we were in Costa Rica, we had a better day at Cape Enrage. The overall experience had the New Brunswick feel to it. An excited staff truly does make a difference and knowing that we were safe allowed us to really explore the possibilities while in the air. The level of awesomeness of some locations is so great that once is not enough. I could have spent the entire weekend at Cape Enrage and I would still not have experienced it all. My suggestion would be to make a weekend out of it and really earn your next spa day.

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