Costa Serena Returns To Asia This Summer

by | May 31, 2023

Costa Cruises restarts its presence in Asia, with the Costa Serena leading a series of chartered cruises from Thailand to Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, and Japan this summer.

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Costa Cruises, a subsidiary of the renowned Carnival Cruise Lines, is setting sail once more in Asia, anchoring its position in the market. With the versatile Costa Serena as the flagship vessel for this resurgence, the cruise line is charting a course to bring the allure of sea travel back to Asian waters.

Costa Serena, operated on a charter cruises basis with its Asian partners, boasting the capacity to accommodate over 3,000 passengers, the ship sets itself apart with wellness centres on board, a duo of swimming pools under retractable glass roofs, a quartet of exquisite restaurants and casinos.

Kicking off this program, the vessel embarks on a series of quick getaways from the bustling port of Laem Chabang in Thailand. These journeying jaunts will introduce travellers to the cultures and scenic landscapes of Vietnam and Cambodia.

As the northern hemisphere summer blossoms in June, Costa Serena sets a course for the vibrant and diverse ports of South Korea, including Busan, Sokcho, and Pohang. These destinations offer an intriguing blend of modern cities and tranquil, traditional countryside, promising a wide range of experiences for every cruise-goer.

As the summer heat peaks in July and August, the cruise line shifts its focus towards Japan, a nation renowned for its tranquil beauty and vibrant culture. From short sojourns to week-long voyages, guests will have the chance to discover several enticing Japanese port cities such as Sasebo, Kagoshima, Otaru, Hakodate, Naha, Miyakojima, and Ishigaki.

Costa Cruises‘ relaunch in Asia clearly indicates the cruise industry’s resilient spirit and commitment to providing sea travel experiences to Asians. Despite recent challenges, the industry is demonstrating adaptability and readiness to embrace the new era of travel, with health and safety as paramount considerations. ◼

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