Culinary Canvas: Monet-Inspired Afternoon Tea That Will Get Singapore Talking

by | Aug 28, 2023

Savour the brilliance of Claude Monet on a plate with ARTiSTORY's Monet-inspired afternoon tea, a harmonious blend of fine art and culinary mastery.
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As autumn approaches, a mesmerizing blend of art and gastronomy unfolds at ART:STORY, evoking the essence of Claude Monet’s luminous palette. From September 1 to 30, 2023, the dining tables at ANTI:DOTE @ Fairmont Singapore are transformed into art studios, the plates into canvases, and the gastronomic offerings into vividly painted masterpieces.

A Symphony of Sensory Artistry

Delicately crafted by the team led by Executive Pastry Chef Yong Ming Choong and Senior Sous Chef Jacky Lai, the afternoon tea boasts a menu steeped in Monet’s artistic brilliance. Every bite is a delicious journey through the French Impressionist painter’s most cherished works, a testament to the power of enchanting fusion between culinary art and Monet’s masterpieces.

The Art-Inspired Menu: A Glimpse into the Grandeur

The crescendo of this unique experience? Undoubtedly, the art-inspired menu. It commences with three artisanal cocktails. Unstoppable Bloom is an ode to the earth with yam shochu, elderflower, and a hint of smoky honey miso. For those seeking a spirited thrill, The Farandole captivates with its lotus root, honey beer, and shiso gin concoction. Lastly, the non-alcoholic Dancing Lily promises a delightful dance of flavours sans the spirits.

The menu proceeds with an illustrious collection of sandwiches. Monet’s ‘Le Grand Canal‘ breathes through the exquisite Boston lobster and avruga caviar on saffron brioche, while the vibrant hues of ‘Field of Poppies Near Giverny‘ are mirrored in the rich tomato concasse with kalamata olive. The culinary journey further beckons with the luscious smoked trout reflecting the serenity of ‘Meadow with Haystacks near Giverny‘, and the earthy tones of sous vide chicken paired with forest mushrooms and truffle, reminiscent of ‘Woodgatherers at the Edge of the Forest‘.


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The sweet finale is nothing short of a poetic ensemble. From the decadent creaminess of ivory chocolate coupled with tropical coulis to the tangy delights of Granny Smith confit evoking Monet’s garden landscapes, every dessert is a stroke of inspiration. Not to forget, the pistachio mascarpone cream, raspberry cream cheese macaron, and the signature Monet hazelnut cocoa bonbon, each promising an affair to remember.

A Continuum of Artistic Grandeur

The Claude Monet-inspired afternoon tea is not the inaugural artistic venture for ANTI:DOTE. It’s a continuation of the revered ‘Season of Impressionists’ series, with previous grand installations such as the Vincent van Gogh afternoon tea and the ethereal Hokusai high tea.

In partnership with ART:STORY and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, ANTI:DOTE’s latest offering is a testament to the everlasting marriage of fine art and gourmet cuisine. As the third installation, it reinforces the commitment to offering guests not just a meal, but an experience – a journey through time, art, and flavours.

In a world where dining experiences are aplenty, few manage to blur the lines between the plate and canvas so seamlessly. This September, as the leaves turn and fall, it’s the impressions of Monet that promise to linger. ◼

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