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In 2007, the contemporary art scene still lacked a systematization. All that was finally changed in 2009 when, Chaco was created which represents (acronym for Chile Contemporary Art) was established. The first year, the fair was located in Vitacura Gliding Club and then, in 2010, Casas de Lo Matta in the same community, until in 2011 the equity focus Santiago: Mapocho Cultural Center reaching an audience of over 43,000 people, doubling its presence in four years of the fair, and establishing itself as the most important cultural event of the country.

Today, Chaco works throughout the year under the auspices of the Associated Visual Arts Foundation (FAVA) and has established itself as a unique meeting point in Chile that communicates, manages and think about the visual arts.

The pillars by which Chaco distinguishes itself from the rest is by:

#1. Finding out ways internationalize national art (Vip Software and Discussion)

#2. Offers real possibilities for traveling artists, producing works and disseminate ideas (Contest Between Chaco and Finland)

#3. Gets where it is difficult to reach (Chaco it mobilizes), and believes that everything can be done if there is a network and a willingness to professionalize an industry, not by being creative can abstain to be modern and efficient. In its fifth version, Chaco13 devote his attention to “Souvenirs in Chile”, exploring the various national and international models and working for the country’s future heritage.

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