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We always love hearing personal travelers, especially the passionate ones (you know who you are).


We always love hearing personal travelers, especially the passionate ones (you know who you are). They live, eat, and breathe travel and integrate their passion in everything they do. In our last issue, we had the pleasure to get to know, Dario Endara:

Dario Endara– I’m an American photographer currently living in the Netherlands. I have dedicated my time in the last 8 years to traveling the world to over 30 countries and capturing the different people, landscapes, and cultures through photography. Photography has always been my passion and a way for me to capture my journeys in an artistic way and style which I developed over time. It’s my interpretation of my experiences in each country I visit.

When traveling, I make sure to capture the most that I can to represent a certain region. I try to stay off the beaten path and away from all the tourist traps. This allows me to explore other surroundings that are not frequently visited and allows me to get closer to the locals. I find the interaction with the locals fascinating and inspiring and provides me with a story behind each image I take. This to me is just as important as capturing a perfect image. If you are able to tell a story through your images, then you have succeeded.

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