Destination Weddings

Who wouldn’t enjoy a romantic wedding by the beach or in an old renaissance castle nestled in an exotic country, rich in history and culture? Exchanging your vows away from home reaps the benefits of both a dream wedding and a romantic holiday all in one fell swoop. That means you and your guests are virtually untouched by the worries of work back home – something your guests would probably appreciate as well. Having the option of a destination wedding also means you’re no longer restricted to the limited wedding venues your hometown or country has to offer. Many popular wedding destination resorts and hotels also have all-in packages to ease the wedding planning.

These usually include accommodation, venue booking, catering and wedding planning services so you get to sit back, relax and enjoy your marvellous wedding-holiday celebrations. And since you’re already in another country, consider it an early start to your honeymoon. All the pre-wedding festivities, actual-wedding celebrations and post-wedding bliss are sure to put you in the mood for some relaxed honeymooning. It is, after all, your special day, and you deserve wedding memories unique to just you and your new spouse. We have put together some of the sexiest locations for your big day from Latin America to Australia.

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